ITS Hessen Cluster 4.0

ITS Hessen

The competence cluster “Intelligent Transport Systems ITS Hessen was founded in April 2010 and currently consists of around 30 companies and universities.

The pooling of the competences of companies and universities already active in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Hesse is intended to bring together the potential for experience and knowledge and thus to promote the continuous development of transport systems.

The cooperation of the various actors in the transport sector, whether at organisational, legal or technical level, results in an initial mix of potential cooperation partners for projects in the field of intelligent transport systems and for fruitful cooperation in the ITS Hessen cluster.

European project funding

ITS Hessen is funded by the European Regional Development Fund. In the further development phase, the European Union promotes and tests the use of social media for cluster work in the project Digitization of Cluster Work (Cluster 4.0).

The objectives and intended results of the project “Digitalisation of cluster work through the use of social media (Cluster 4.0)” are under the maxim of strengthening and supporting digital business networking. The main aim of this is to increase the competitiveness and innovative strength of its members and to promote cooperation along the value chain. By pooling the competences of the numerous companies that are already active in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), the potential for experience and knowledge is to be brought together and thus the continuous development of transport systems is to be promoted. This will not only strengthen the Hessen location, but also the transport technology and telematics industry through networking. The project focuses on the development, testing and implementation of a systematic IT-based communication infrastructure that links membership with each other and with the outside world in such a way that traditional workflows are accelerated and new concepts and services of the cluster network are made possible. The main aim is not to increase information, but to exchange information quickly and, above all, in a highly qualified manner. The key objective of information quality in this way is intended to contribute to the further development of the cluster network and to promote the competitiveness and innovative strength of the member companies.

Project Period

02/2019 – 01/2021


Webinar Kaminabend, 17. Mai 2021 um 17:00 Uhr:
Dr. Bernhard Dicke wird in einer Präsentation zum Abschluss-Bericht des Social Media Projektes über seine Ergebnisse und Erfahrungen berichten.

Webinar: Vortrag über die Forschungskreuzung Aschaffenburg (Würzburger Straße) und IT-Cluster Mobilität des Landes Bayern am 19.04.2021 17:00 Uhr
Anmeldung: [email protected]
Meeting-ID: 826 9493 9030 / Kenncode: 769603

Webinar zum ÖPNV - Durchgängige Fahrgastinformation DELFI am 8. Februar 17:00 Uhr Anmeldung: [email protected] 
Meeting-ID: 872 6385 8809/ Kenncode: 907835

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