Benefits of your membership

Access to ERTICO, ITS Germany and thus to important contacts

These, in turn, are closely intertwined with important authorities such as the EU Commission in Brussels, the Federal Ministries of Economic Affairs, Transport, Construction and Urban Development, as well as education, research and technology. Take advantage of the opportunity to influence and represent interests at national and European level through large associations and interest groups such as BITKOM, VDA, ZVEI and others. Together, you can advance traffic telematics and traffic management in the design and standard formation. You will be given the opportunity to exchange relevant information in the field of intelligent transport systems. Membership will make your competences and the interests of ITS Hessen visible and perceived at national and European level.

Development and further development of topics with a focus on traffic technology or ITS

Use ITS Hessen to develop ideas for project approaches/lighthouse projects. ITS Hessen sees itself as the Hessian communication platform in the ITS sector, where actors from the different industries network.

Exploitation of synergies, common external representation

ITS Hessen wants to strengthen the perception of the industry with its joined external presentation, such as joint trade fair appearances.

Strengthening traffic technology / ITS in the House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM)

Strengthening and maintaining contacts with companies, universities and public institutions

ITS Hessen wants to create a sustainable interface between politics, business and science and to stimulate the flow of information in all directions.

Become a member

Member groups and minimum contributions

As part of the membership, the members form different groups depending on the size:

  • Company
  • [a]: less than 10 employees (minimum contribution: 200€ half a year)
  • [b]: 10 – 49 employees (minimum contribution: 400€ half a year)
  • [c]: 50 – 249 employees (minimum contribution: 800€ half a year)
  • [d]: more than 250 employees (minimum contribution: 1200€ half a year)
  • Associations, institutions, associations
  • 600€ half a year
  • Scientific institutions
  • 300€ half a year
  • Natural persons
  • 150€ half a year

The board of directors decides on the group membership of the members. The classification of the companies for the contribution scale is based on company-own information, including all employees of a company.

Contributions are due on January 1 of a year or on the date of accession. Contributions must be paid in full for each six-month period, irrespective of the date of accession.